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CTI 2500 Series Processors released!

500 Series Adapter Base

Protect your Siemens SIMATIC® 505 investment

Test you program and SCADA!

SP1 for PLC Workshop Siemens SIMATIC® 505 released

Better HMI solutions

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CTI 2500 Series CPU

This is a direct replacement for the SIMATIC® 505 PLC's

  • 545-1103,5 = 2500-C100

  • 545-1104,6 = 2500-C200

  • 555-1103,5 = 2500-C300

  • 555-1104,6 = 2500-C400

The new CTI 2500 Series processors increase the performance, capacity and capability over the older model processors and provide a solid foundation for new features and technology in the future.


  • 100 meg Ethernet port

  • USB Programming port

  • SD Flash Card

Contact CT Oceania to learn more about one of the newest and most powerful PLC processors on the market today.



CTI 2500 Series replacement table  for 

Siemens SIMATIC® 505


Adapter Base for 500 Series bases
Users with installed 500 Series Bases and I/O now have two options when expanding or maintaining their PLC platform:

  1. We can source refurbished 500 Series modules at competitive prices or

  2. Supply a CTI 2500 Series module fitted with a 2500 to 500 Series adapter.  This fantastic new product means users can migrate their 500 Series one I/O Module at a time to the newer 2500 Series PLC platform.  This combined with the existing migration features of no or minimal PLC code changes, minimal rewiring, and PLC configuration changes makes the 2500 Series the lowest cost and lowest risk migration option.


CTI 2500 Series replacement table  for SIMATIC® TI 500 Series


Protect your Siemens SIMATIC® 505 investment
Using knowledge and expertise gained in over 20 years designing and manufacturing products for the Texas Instruments / Siemens SIMATIC® 505 PLC platform, CTI is helping you protect your investment in SIMATIC® 505®  With direct replacement modules, removing the need for rewiring and software changes, the CTI 2500 Series PLC is a lower cost and risk migration option. 


Our customers have reported that the CTI 2500 Series PLC platform has improved business benefits and reduced direct and indirect costs, with:

  • lower cost products for spares and expansion,

  • better specifications such as scan times,

  • high quality products, manufactured in the USA,

  • new features, products and technology,

  • available today and into the future,

All due to the fact that CTI is committed to the continued development and extension of the 2500 Series PLC platform, offering products using the latest electronic design, component and manufacture technologies.

CTI 2500 Series replacement table  for 

Siemens SIMATIC® 505

New Control Technology website launched!


Test your program and SCADA!
The SIMATIC® 505 Simulator not only improves your testing and debugging of the PLC code with special features such as breakpoints, single scan and many other specialised debugging features not available on the PLC. 

You can also connect your SCADA software  to the SIMATIC® 505 Simulator to test your mimic screens, controls alarms, and trends.  A feature that will improve the robustness of any program before it is installed into a production environment!


Better HMI solutions
CTC Parker PowerStation range of embedded and Windows HMI products support direct addressing of the Siemens SIMATIC® 505 and CTI 2500 series PLCs.  Interact and InteractX provide all the tools to develop high impact, user friendly operator and machine interfaces in a snap.












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